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  • VIVA 3rd Annual Members Show Opening
    Vashon Island Visual Artists’ (VIVA) annual show boasts participation of 100+ Vashon artists from their 300+ membership. This is an exciting exhibition that reflects the diversity of work and approach to art being created on Vashon Island. This year is the first time Vashon Center for the Arts has hosted the show. The tall atrium […]

  • Art of Solitude Opens at VALISE Gallery
    VALISE gallery continues its reopening on First Friday, October 2, 6-9 pm. Breathe in the inspirational works of VALISE artists as they search for solace, intention and catharsis in a brave new world. From this stillness emerges explorations into the generosities of the heart. Maybe the pieces of our lives that lay scattered about can […]

  • Vashon Historic Barn Tour
    Help celebrate Vashon’s Historic Barns by noticing the historic barns around you, and help the Vashon Heritage Museum celebrate and build an inventory and tour of Vashon’s Historic Barns by nominating your barn, or a barn you love, to the Museum’s developing registry of Vashon Historic Barns. The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation’s sponsored their […]

  • Vashon Kids Gets “Dialed-in” to Remote Learning
    “It’s incredible. You can hear a pin drop,” describes Dalinda Vivero. “Our kids are really focused on their online learning, and we are seeing kids serving as examples to others, so the time they spend learning at their computers has become an established part of our daily activities.” The VK Team has put together a […]

  • Ping and Thud
    Most of the time, Mom canned our Elberta peaches in halves, but sometimes they were quartered, when they were too big.  We had 12 peach trees down at Cove and Dad took care of them assiduously, carefully pruning them in late winter.  Mr. Mann came down on his tractor to spray the trees for insects […]

  • Agape for All
    Agape (ä-̀gä-pā) n [LL, fr. Gk., agapē, lit., love] (1607) 1: LOVE FEAST 2. LOVE – Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary First thing I saw out the bedroom window this morning was a lot of yellow leaves on the big leaf maple tree. Autumn. Kind of ironic, considering what a crappy year 2020 has been, […]

  • Seafood and Your Your Thyroid
    Your thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped little thing inside the bottom of your neck, is the master gland that encourages all your other glands to do whatever they are supposed to do. Your thyroid thrives on iodine. It doesn’t take a lot of it. Eat seafood once or twice a week and you probably get enough […]

  • Degrowth
    That economic growth is good, and recessions, times of no growth, are bad are iron laws of western economics.  At the same time, we know that our economic activity is driving a climate catastrophe and that we are using resources at a rate that would require six Earths if the rest of the world attained […]

  • Where There’s Smoke
    I could say that it was forty years ago today, but I won’t, because it most likely wasn’t. I am fairly certain though that around this time in 1980 I was somewhere between L.A. and Seattle. I might have been in Los Angeles, hitchhiking or visiting friends. I recall one ride was with some guy […]

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